Aeronyde raises $4.7 Million to make urban drone flight safe and secure

We are thrilled to announce Aeronyde has raised a round of $4.7M seed financing to build, test and refine our systems for self-flying vehicles. We are grateful to our strategic partner and investor JASTech Co. LTD for leading this round, which we will use to develop our software and hardware systems for safe autonomous urban flight for all.

As the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) industry matures, it is critical that UAVs have a safe, regulated, and secure system to guide them and ensure public safety.  To get there, the industry is shifting towards autonomy as the safest option– smart UAVs that fly themselves with human oversight.

We’re using machine learning and real-time data analysis to give UAVs situational awareness and the ability to respond to their environment. We are also establishing secure communications protocols to manage fleets of UAVs and ensure triple-redundant connectivity. With these and other innovations such as our Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system, we are building an end-to-end system for sUAS to fly safely in urban areas.

The unmanned aerial vehicle revolution will be a collaborative effort, and we are working alongside many partners to meet the technical challenges and make sure UAVs are implemented responsibly. We’re excited to collaborate with IBM Watson to run millions of flight simulations and develop UAV cognition, with iSENSYS on our automated flight controller, with The Global UTM Association (GUTMA), Alleghany County Virginia, and beyond.

We’re excited for the possibilities that unmanned aerial technology holds to facilitate a wide variety of uses, including logistics and transportation, search and rescue, data collection, and more. Together we’re building the technology, and working with regulators and communities to bring unmanned aerial vehicles to our society in a safe and thoughtful way.

We look forward to keeping everyone posted on Aeronyde developments, and welcome any inquiries you may have.

Thank you. The Sky’s No Limit!

Edgar Muñoz

CEO, Aeronyde



Aeronyde Corporation

Aeronyde Corporation is an autonomous aerial systems comapny based on Florida's Space Coast. We specialize in remote centralized inspections and monitoring using UAVs. Markets served: - Energy & utilties - Critical infrastrcuture - Agriculture & forestry - Public safety