UAV Industry Leaders Gather in Japan for GUTMA Asia-Pacific Conference

On March 22nd and 23rd 2018, the Global UTM Association (GUTMA) held their first ever Asia-Pacific conference, in Chiba Japan. Over 100 delegates representing 18 countries convened to discuss the future of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The Aeronyde team, led by CEO Edgar Muñoz, was in attendance to participate in the discussion.

What struck us the most from the event was that, in addition to the tremendous energy and expertise in the room, there seemed to be a broad consensus about what an operational environment for Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) should look like.

Throughout the demos and discussions, it became clear that the future of UTM solutions will follow the two GUTMA protocols:

  1. Flight Declaration Protocol:  The Flight Declaration protocol aims to facilitate the secure exchange of flight situation data between UTM Providers.   This designates: Who is going to fly, What they’re going to fly, Where they are flying, and when.
  2.  Flight Logging Protocol : The protocol’s purpose is to harmonize flight telemetry data logs (such as GPS location, speed, and if available: battery voltage, drone identifier, battery identifier, payloads identifier).

As the future of unmanned aerial vehicles continues to take shape, governments are looking to the private sector to help set safety standards. Regulatory experts agree that the protocols set in place by GUTMA provide a clear framework.

We at Aeronyde believe that, as an industry and as a global society, the world should adopt these standards. We urge any interested parties to join the conversation! The GUTMA agreements represent a logical foundation, one that is already available thanks to the diligent work of GUTMA members.


We are excited for the future of GUTMA and more meetings to come. While there remain a host of issues to be addressed, GUTMA and its members are dedicated to providing a framework for safe integration of UAVs in to urban airspace. 



Aeronyde Corporation

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