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Aeronyde UAVs (drones) help farmers take the guesswork out of farming using sophisticated aerial data collection and analysis that is more accurate and affordable than airplane or satellite data. These valuable insights are used to monitor and manage crops throughout the season, generating greater yields with fewer resources. 
- Stand count and plant population 
- Plant stress and health analysis
- Disease detection and validation
- Variable-rate fertility assessment
- Pest detection and observation
- Water stress analysis
- Flowering estimation
- Precision Spraying
- Equipment and cattle monitoring
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Increase yields. Reduce Input costs.
Boost Crop Health. Optimize Treatments.


The factor that makes drones the best option for growers and agronomists is the cost effectiveness of these unmanned devices. The cheaper cost as compared to airplanes and helicopters makes UAVs the optimum choice for carrying out valuable research and monitoring resulting in the enhancement of production.

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