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Today's professional drone technologies are intelligent, agile, cost-effective and can perform tasks that have proven to be too dangerous for humans. The ever-evolving unmanned aerial systems can enhance your field crew's assessment and reporting practices, reduce the need for heavy machinery with lifts, eliminate the need for people to climb and rappelling from dangerous heights, all while accelerating inspections from days to hours.
- Transit corridor circulation and pattern documentation
- Telecommunications infrastructure inspections
- Railway inspection and asset tracking
- Remediation site monitoring
- Aqueduct, canal, and reservoir monitoring
- Dam structural integrity inspections
- Water pipeline leak detection and validation
- Waste treatment facility monitoring
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Client Portfolio
Boost asset condition awareness.
Minimize operational hazard exposure.
Optimize preventative maintenance planning.


Equipped with advanced sensors, drones can provide infrastructure and construction professionals with in-depth, actionable data, Whether they collect data which can then be used to create plans and 3D models prior to construction and repairs, or if they collect regular, real-time imagery to be used to monitor and inspect the stability and safety of sites. Drones are essential automation tools for use in conjunction with manual methods, delivering real-time data to add more detail to ground reports and surveys for enhanced and accurate insight. 

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