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Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) bring efficiency and safety benefits to the inspection and maintenance side, where field personnel face operational hazard risks from trimming foliage near high-voltage equipment, climbing towers and dams, assessing damage after natural disasters, and just driving thousands of miles of remote roads - all while also transforming site selection and environmental compliance procedures.  
- Search and Rescue
- Natural disaster relief and recovery
- Active shooter investigations
- Fire rescue and equipment delivery
- HAZMAT emergency management
- Border patrol and perimeter security
- Crime scene and traffic collision reconstruction
- Mass evacuation and crowd monitoring
- Emergency Telecommunications
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Save lives, time and resources.
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Drones are no longer a novelty item among public safety departments and law enforcement. Over 347 state and local police, sheriff, fire, and emergency units in the U.S. have acquired drones. Intelligent UAS are revolutionizing methods for the public's protection and safe keeping, all while reducing hazard risks for emergency responders. 

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